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Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Summer!

Where did the last six months go? It has been crazy busy with vacation time, working, and trying to recover from being sick the past three weeks!

Michelle and I had a great trip to Utah to spend time with Jen and her family. It was one of the few summers that the Utah cousins were not able to spend their vacation time in Arizona. All of the kids were so excited to entertain us and keep us busy. We went to movies, ate lots of food, went shopping, visited Grandpa and Val, and played at the water park. It was a short week but we have so much FUN!

Unfortunately, we picked up some type of bug and Michelle, Jen, and I have been battling a very pesky stomach parasite. I don't remember being so sick . . . I still go to bed as early as I can and sleep at least 10-12 hours a night! Living on soda crackers, ginger ale and pepto is not my idea of a good time. The bug has a name . . . "Cryptosporidium" . . . sounds like something that would put Superman down. Well, it put down three SUPER WOMEN and we are still fighting back.

A lot is going on at the scrapbook store. Devine Memories is a silver level sponsor for the upcoming "AUTISM WALK" which will be held on November 4, 2007. As many of you know, this is our charity of choice and we will be sponsoring a team. We would love to have you come and walk with us. Check on the our website for a link to register and join our team. *The link should be up in the next couple of days.

We had an awesome time during the "Meet the Teacher" event today at the store. So many wonderful ladies attended the class taught by four wonderful and creative teachers. It was a great day. There are several upcoming classes that you won't want to miss. Samples are available online and in the store. Michelle and I are also teaching classes at the CK Phoenix Convention, September 14th and 15th. It would be fun to see you there!



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It was great being at meet the teacher! Thanks for the update and hope you feel better!!!

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