Life is Great in Mesa Arizona

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why we love the desert!

It has been very, very HOT for the past several days. It's those kind of days when you are so thankful for air conditioning and ice and ceiling fans and cold showers! For those of us who live in Arizona, we accept this as a temporary inconvenience and look forward to the other nine months of the year when the weather is perfect! I thought it would be fun to list the reasons why we love living in the desert . . .

. We get up very early to exercise and put in our 5 miles of walking. This is the best time to visit with our neighbors because everyone is outside at that time of day.
. We get to go to Sonic as many times a day as we want for ice cream, slushes, ice, etc.
. We have a special savings plan which lets us wash our clothes and run our dishwashers in the middle of the night to save on electricity and keep the house from getting too warm.
. We get to eat out as much as we want so we don't have to turn on the stove or oven.
. We all hang out at the community swimming pool and and leave with a perfect golden tan. It makes our teeth look whiter without those expensive whitening treatments.
. We stick our heads in the refrigerator and freezer, not because we are hungry, but to cool off!
. We get to lay around and watch tv all day, or play video games, or surf the web, because it is too hot to do anything else.
. We dream of cooler temperatures, lower electricity bills, and trips to San Diego.
. We spend lots of time at the mall and the movie theatres as the air conditioning is free and usually 10 degrees colder than we keep it at home.
. We enjoy lots of watermelon, strawberries, cherries, and other fruits along with smoothies, Jamba Juice, Golden Spoon yogurt, shaved ice, etc.
. The roads are safer during the summer . . . the winter visitors don't like the heat and won't be back until October.
. But most of all, we are 10 pounds thinner in the summer because we spend so much time running from our air conditioned house to our air conditioned car to our air conditioned office to the air conditioned store and back to our air conditioned car and our air conditioned house. The power company loves us and so do the air conditioner repairmen!

Seriously, even with the heat, LIFE IS GREAT IN MESA, ARIZONA!