Life is Great in Mesa Arizona

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hawaiian Scrapbook Cruise

Remember this post? I can't believe that six months have gone by and now it's time to jump on an airplane and head for Hawaii! Shelie and I are soooooo excited. I'll be sure to keep you posted as we tour all day and scrap all night. Some of the things we will be doing are parasailing, whale watching, helicopter riding, ziplining, luauing, beach combing, shopping, eating, and scrapbooking! This is sure to be a "once in a lifetime" experience. ALOHA!

Posted August 12, 2006:

My sister Shelie called me the other day and asked if I wanted to go with her to Hawaii on a scrapbook cruise . . . how could I resist? The reservations are made and we will be spending a wonderful week touring the islands of Hawaii during the day and scrapbooking to our hearts content at night. This doesn't happen until next February, but I am SOOOO excited about how much fun this trip will be. The last time I was in Hawaii was in 1965 when I was a teenager returning home from living in the Samoan islands. I'm sure the main island has changed alot, but the allure of the islands is already haunting my dreams. This is a CK cruise . . . so I would guess there will be an on ship scrapbook store, classes, etc. When I get more information, I will be sure to share . . . not to make anyone jealous . . . well, maybe a little! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, run my toes through the sand, and eat lots of wonderful food for everyone. I'm off to brush up on my hula moves! I used to dance on the docks of Pago Pago and welcome in the cruise boats . . . it might have been a little strange for tourists to be greeted by a blonde, blue-eyed native . . . but I definetely had fun! ALOHA!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Can't Sleep . . .

Have you ever had one of those nights when your brain won't shut down and you can't sleep? I have been up sketching . . . valentine cards, mini albums, Disney pages, etc. It's a good thing that the creative energy is flowing, but I do need to get up in the morning!

CHA was wonderful . . . we saw so many new things . . . and ordered many more for the store. The new product will start rolling in over the next few weeks. Exciting stuff. We had a blast at Disneyland! We were able to play for three days inbetween the shopping and buying. We also spent an hour with "Martha Stewart"! It was fun to see her in person and listen to her ideas, philosophy of life, and where she thinks the craft industry is headed. And thanks to Amy O'Neil, Devine Memories won a display rack full of the new "Chasing Butterfiles" line from Daisy D's! When they called our name you could have heard us scream all the way back home to Mesa.

We have some wonderful classes this week . . . all related to Valentine's Day and showing that special someone how much you care. You can see some of the projects on the Devine Memories website. My card class in Tuesday, Michelle has an adorable mini album on Thursday and a sweet wooden love album on Saturday. Kimberly Kwan is our guest teacher this month and has an incredible altered book project on Saturday afternoon. You will want to take all of these classes!

I'm getting ready for the cruise to Hawaii. Shelie and I will be leaving Sunday for a wonderful week of sight seeing, playing, and scrapbooking fun. I talked to Lisa Bearnson and Becky Higgins at the CHA Convention. Lisa was very excited about the cruise . . . she said it was pretty exclusive and that only "60" women will be participating. We should have a great time. . . they have some fun projects planned for us.

Well, I best be off to bed. It's going to be a busy week . . . life is great in Mesa, Arizona!