Life is Great in Mesa Arizona

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chili Contest . . .

We had a neighborhood chili cookoff tonight at the park . . . lots of fun, food, and friends. I entered a pot of "3 Bean Chili Verde" and to my surprise was awarded "3rd Place". Yeah me!

I love this time of year when there is a chill in the air, football games are being played, and the World Series in on. Not only does it mean it's FALL, but it also means that I can start making lots of pots of chili and different soups. There is nothing like a good pot of soup, hot rolls, honey, and friends and family to share it with.

Lots of new things are happening at Devine Memories. Check out our website for new classes, "Saturday Night Live" techniques classes, and wonderful gift ideas, cards, and other projects. I'm working on several projects and will post them on my blog over the next couple of days.

Right now I am caught up in the World Series. My guess is that Boston will win . . . taking the series in 5. The Rockies just had a great play with Holiday scoring a 3-run Home Run hit. They seem to be on a roll with just one out. I'm grateful to my boys who encouraged a love of sports in my life. *Final score of game 3 was 10 to 5 for Boston.

I'm off to finish studying for my Sunday School lesson tomorrow . . . it's my turn to teach. Great topic and message from the Apostle Paul as he pleads his case with King Agrippa . . . he never sways from his testimony and witness of Jesus Christ. This lesson is a natural sequel from my last lesson . . . "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Have a great Sunday!

Remember . . . Life is Great is Mesa, Arizona.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Scrapbook Weekend . . .

All of the sisters, daughters, and friends have gone and the house is very quiet and empty! The last five days have been so much FUN . . . it was good to have a houseful again.
It was our annual "Sister's Scrapbook" weekend and as usual it went by way too fast. We scrapped at home, scrapped at the store, ate out alot, stayed up late, laughed, shopped, cooked, and scrapped some more. Alan, my brother-in-law, was able to get in several days of golf, but also spent time relaxing in front of the television. Jen outdid herself again with her gynormous cinnamon rolls and housekeeping skills. Shelie outdid herself with an incredible pork roast. Michelle outdid herselft with a fun class and some way cute Halloween and Christmas swaps. Cindy outdid herself with no sleep and lots of stitching. Micah outdid herself with learning new scraping techniques and trying new foods. Sue outdid herself by staying up later for more days than she ever has in the past. Lauren definitely outdid the rest of us by completing 55 scrapbook pages. And Sandy outdid herself by not crying when the computer crashed on Sunday. Miss Jenna Rose outdid herself by hanging out with the girls and writing some sweet letters to everyone.
It was a great time . . . the bad thing is we did not take many pictures. Can you imagine that? Scrapbookers not taking pictures? We must have been too busy trying to get STUFF done!
For me it's going to be an early night . . . I have several days of sleep to catch up on and tomorrow the real world is waiting for all of us. To my sisters, daughters, Alan, and friends . . . I love you guys!