Life is Great in Mesa Arizona

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Party has Started!

It's official . . . the scrapbook marathon weekend has begun. Picked the girls up from the airport last night. Sue, Alan, and Brianne arrived earlier from California. As you can see, Bri was the "1st" to come through the door! The house was made ready, tables were set up for some serious scrapping, gifts and projects were placed at each spot, and a Sonic run was the first thing on the agenda.

We played hard . . . went to sleep about 2:30 a.m. Had lunch at the Gecko Grill. Took a class from Michelle at the store (Devine Memories) . . . stocked up on scrapbook supplies . . . and came back home to eat, scrap, sleep, and scrap some more!

The Tally Sheet has been hung on the wall and the competition has started. Watch for updates as the weekend of fun continues . . .

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sister's Crop . . . It's Almost Here!

Our sixth annual "SISTER'S CROP" is almost here . . six days and counting! For the past six years, my sisters, my daughters, my daughter-in-laws, and adopted daughters have gotten together the first week in October for a MARATHON scrapbooking weekend. It started with my little sister Shelie and has grown to the most coveted weekend of the year! My brother-in-law, Alan, is allowed to come because he golfs all day, cooks gourmet meals, and provides the best shoulder massages at night. This is a scrapper's weekend to die for and the pictures from last year help to tell this wonderful story!

Everyone arrives next Wednesday the 27th and the weekend doesn't end until the last plane leaves on Monday night! We scrap, laugh, eat, sleep a little, scrap, laugh, eat, sleep a little more and the cycle goes on and on and on and on. Some of us are night owls and we scrap the night away. Others take a break and try to get some sleep, but the later the night goes on the louder the laughter gets and before you know it, everyone is up and scrapping again!

Can you think of a better way to spend your time than with FAMILY? It's going to be a great weekend . . . watch for updated pictures as the party begins. As you can guess, "LIFE WILL BE GREAT IN MESA ARIZONA" all next week!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom and Michelle!

It seems just like yesterday that Michelle was born . . . I can remember bringing her home from the hospital . . . all 5 lbs 8 oz of her! She was the cutest little thing and she was born a day before my mom's birthday. My mom passed away when I was "5" months pregnant with Michelle and it was very special for me to have her born so close to my mom's birthday. Michelle's middle name is "Rose" after my mother Rosemary. Celebrating Michelle's birthday today also allows me to celebrate my mother!

I miss her sometimes and then again, I miss her lots of times. It's been "30" years since her death, and so often it seems just like yesterday. Only Jen and Tom knew Grandma Rosie. She was my best friend and a few years ago I found out that all of my brothers and sisters felt like she was their best friend too! She made each of us feel so loved and very special. I have tried to be such a friend to each of my children.

So . . . here's to memories and mothers and daughters everywhere . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back from Jersey . . .

Just got back from a quick weekend in New Jersey . . . had to administer some Psychiatry certification exams. It was a great trip with lots of great food and fantastic weather. I think the high was 74 and it got down into the low 60's at night. Went to a couple of really yummy restaurants . . . Budacan and Aldo Lamberti's . . . and probably put on a couple of pounds. The desserts were to die for. One was a "Chocolate Pagoda" which was made out of chocolate ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chips, topped with a frozen mousee, and covered with a chocolate ribbon cookie and cholocate sauce! The other was a "Banana Tower" with a rolled cookie that stood about 4 inches tall and was filled with a banana filling and drizzled with caramel. And the other was a very smooth and lite "Key Lime" pie. The salmon was incredible and the entrees at Budacan were very different but oh so good!

Enough about my trip. The Phoenix CONVENTION is right around the corner. I have posted pictures of my "Triple Treat" class. You can still sign up for all of the classes sponsored by Devine Memories by just going to the convention on Thursday and Friday night. Hope we get to see some of you there!

I officially have jet lag and am getting ready to sit back, veg a little, and then get some sleep because it is going to be a killer week! Hope to see some of you this weekend . . . there are still some spaces open for the Devine Memories Friday and Saturday night convention crops. Call the store to sign up for a fun weekend. You will definitely want to see, smell, and touch all of the new product that has come it.

It's good to be home because "Life is great in Mesa, Arizona!"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Late Night . . . Early Morning!

The all night pajama party at Devine Memories last night was soooo much FUN! We laughed a lot, played silly games, gave away lots of prizes, managed to get some scrapping done, and ate and snacked and NEVER SLEPT! During this time my home alarm went off "2" times and I had to drive back and forth to make sure things were ok at the house. It turns out the cats set off the motion sensor in the family room. They are both grounded! Everyone who came to scrap held out to the end and had a great time. It was amazing how quickly the hours went by and how much energy we had. Thanks to all the great gals who came and scrapped with us, and special thanks to Kim and Amy for the make 'n takes, the movie trivia game, and the unusual but witty entertainment! Poor Michelle was sick with "bunny" allergies but she managed to keep up with the rest of us. Watch the calendar for a 12-hour holiday workshop in October and a late, late nighter in November to get those last minute projects done.

So . . . I get home and crawl into bed about 7:30 a.m. thinking that I don't have to wake up until early afternoon. Well, the phone rings at 11:15 with someone asking me to donate to a worthy cause . . . went back to sleep and about 12:00 noon I get a call from the store that the credit/debit machine is not working! We think about all the alternatives, try them, and no luck. Knowing that I can't take care of the problem without actually being at the store, I get out of bed, make attempts to look somewhat charming, and head to the store. Needless to say, the machine was locked up and couldn't be fixed. Fortunately, I had a brand new machine at home, which I thought to bring with me, and about 50 minutes later we were back in business. Oh, the life of a business entreprenuer!

Now that I'm home, I really don't have too much energy, the body aches, and a tub full of bath bubbles is calling to me. We have a storm brewing outside, so I think an early night in bed with a good book or a good movie sounds just about right. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and don't forget that life is great . . . even with all of the detours along the way!