Life is Great in Mesa Arizona

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby . . . It's COLD outside!

It is very cold in Mesa, Arizona. Ok . . . it's not below zero cold, but it is cold for our neck of the woods. It is also very exciting because I can get out the sweaters, and long sleeve shirts, and cordoroy slacks and pretend like it is winter. I can also pile on the blankets and pull out the flannel jammies, and drink hot chocolate, and make lots of pots of homemade soup! Like the song says . . . it's a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time of the year.

I just finished creating my class project for CKC Mesa. The deadline date for project submission is December 1st, and then the waiting game begins until we are notified if and when our classes have been approved. The Mesa Convention is in April and we will be sponsoring a booth as well as teaching classes. Great fun for the store!

The house is very quiet. All of the Thanksgiving visitors went home on Sunday and I really miss them. We had a great weekend and even celebrated Luke's 10th birthday a couple of days early. It was fun to have him here for his party. He requested a "FEAST" even though we just had Thanksgiving dinner the day before. His feast was barbecued chicken, mashed potatoes, and his mom's homemade rolls. Dessert was ice cream sandwiches. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a second day of feasting and festivity.

I've been burning the candle at too many ends and it feels like there is no candle left! I have had early morning meetings every day this week . . . tomorrow is no exception. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to the weekend. We have a great "Make 'n Take" at the store on Saturday. It's a wooden wall art project to hang your Christmas stockings on. There is a picture on the Devine Memories website. You need to sign up for the project ahead of time so we have enough kits for everyone. Stop by the store anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to make your board. Cost of the class is $14.00.

Well, it's off to bed and flannel pj's and my favorite down comforter. I know it's cold outside because the heater has come on a couple of times tonight and the thermostat is set at 62 degrees! I hope my Utah kids are staying warm . . . it's supposed to be below freezing there. Speaking of freezing, we do have a temperature warning and need to cover up our fruit trees tonight. Have a good night's sleep and a great day tomorrow!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful Day!

What a wonderful day! It started very early, about 6:30 a.m., when Jen and I got up to get the 22 lb turkey ready for the oven. The bird and been unthawing in the refrigerator since Saturday, but was still a bit frozen, so he was put in a cool bath while the stuffing was made and the oven heated. We baked a razzleberry pie while the bird prep was going on . . . put the turkey in the oven . . . and headed out the door to pick up Michelle and go shopping. To our disappointment, all of the stores were closed with the exception of a few, so we went to Walmart to pick up some last minute items for lunch and to check out the electronics and toys for the kids. We found a few good bargains and got home about 11:30, just in time to peel the potatoes, get the homemade rolls going, make the gravy, put the fruit salad together, and set up the tables.
All of the kids were home this year! Jen and family came down from Utah on Wednesday, Mike had the day off from the hospital, Tom was called in to work early but made it for lunch, and Michelle and her family are just around the corner. All together we had "21" for dinner. It was wonderful! I love holidays . . . but I love being with family even more!
There are so many things to be thankful for: family, friends, health, a home, a job that I love, freedom, religion, testimony, blue skies, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, Jen's rolls, stuffing, hot pie and ice cream, swings, flowers, birds, laughter, hugs, grandchildren, sleep, computers, shopping, dishwashers, pillows, hot water, a clean kitchen, naps, a house full of kids, leftovers, joy, unconditional love, talking to my dad, and so much more!
I hope you all had a great day and were able to enjoy those things that are important to you. As for me, Life is Great in Mesa, Arizona!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Card Class . . . Sneak Peak!

As promised, here is a sneak peak of the cards being taught at my card class on Tuesday, November 28th at Devine Memories. It's not too early to get your cards made and ready to send to family and friends or to have available for that last minute gift. There's nothing that says "you're special to me" better than a handmade card or gift. The December class calendar has been posted on the website and there are some other really great classes for you to take.

Remember that Friday, November 24th is our BIG CLEARANCE SALE. . . paper, stamps, rolled stickers, page kits, etc! There will also be boutique gifts items for those of you who don't have time to make your gifts. And, BEST OF ALL, save 15% off your entire purchase when you shop from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. *Clearance items are excluded from the 15% discount as they are already marked down from 50-75% off.

Life can be very great in Mesa, Arizona this week!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting ready for Turkey days!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner . . . that means that all of the kids and grandkids will be coming to Grandma's house. Remember the song, "Over the River and Through the Woods"? Well, we don't have any rivers to cross or a whole lot of woods to get through, but the Erekson's are making the trek from Utah and we are soooo excited!

I am busy getting the house ready for company, trying to get some "work" work done, finish class projects for Devine Memories, and getting some extra rest because I know next week will have a whole lot of playing going on!

I love the holidays and having family close by. What can be better than that?


Monday, November 13, 2006

All is Well . . .

Life has been very busy this past week with work, classes, family, and just life! I have decided that I need a personal organizer . . . kind of like a personal shopper . . . to keep my schedule straight. I haven't found the right one yet, but am leaning toward a PDA/cell phone combination, and I need it QUICK! As I have been trying to juggle two jobs, the store, and my personal life, it is very apparent that I need some help. I really like the models with the slide out keyboard . . . this will be my Christmas present to myself.

I have also been working on class samples and will post some "sneak peaks" later this week. We have had some really great classes at Devine Memories and there are more to come in December as we get closer to the holidays.

We are also having a "Scrapmart Boutique" the day after Thanksgiving from 9-9. There will be several tables full of clearance items . . . tables with cute, already made boutique gifts . . . and all shoppers will receive a 15% discount off their total purchase (not including clearance or boutique items) that day. So mark your calendars for Friday, November 24th for some great scrapbook savings!

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grandma News . . .

I received a FUN telephone call the other night . . . Marlee, Hannah, McKay, and Jax called to tell me that their mom was having a BABY! They were all so excited. Mike and Melissa are pregant with #5 and the baby is due next June. What a wonderful phone call. I thought we were finished with grandbabies, but I'm glad that we're not! In fact, they are talking about adding a #6 sometime down the road.

I love babies . . . especially grandbabies! You love your children, but for some unknown reason you "double love" your grandchildren. Maybe it's because you can spend time with them, and spoil them, and teach them bad tricks, and then send them home. I remember when Izak was about 18 months old. I was visiting Jen and Tom in Utah and we were driving home from the airport. I was sitting in the back seat with "Z" and we were laughing and giggling and having a wonderful time. Jen turned around and asked me what I was doing . . . well, I was teaching Izak to "SPIT". Too much fun!

I love my children and I love my grandchildren . . . all "12" of them. I couldn't be more blessed. For me, family is the BEST and that is the number one reason why Life is Great in Mesa, AZ!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back from Pine . . .

Back from Pine . . . what a great getaway . . . even if it was just for one night! The weather was perfect. We woke up to 30 degrees this morning and the air was crisp and smelled so good. It was fun to sit in front of the fireplace and hear the logs crackle and pop . . . such a sharp contrast to the quiet and serenity outside. I took pictures of the early morning and then several others throughout the day. Can't you almost feel the fall in the air, smell the pine needles, and hear the babble of the creek?
It was a great leadership activity for the youth of the ward. They worked hard and planned several activities for next year. They learned how to consider the needs of others, set goals, plan with a purpose, and work together to put together some awesome activities. There was plenty of food and fun and games and singing and laughter. What an awesome group of young men and young women!
My alarm went off several times while I was gone . . . not sure what happened, but everything was in its place when I got home. My cell phone was out of range and I didn't get any calls about the problem until this morning. Apparently the police responded all three times and then got worried because no one could get in touch with me. I am happy to report that I am safe and sound and rested from sleeping in the pines.
Everyone needs to get away sometime, even if it is just an overnighter away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. It does a body and mind much good and helps keep things in perspective. Have the rest of a good weekend and remember that Life is Great is Mesa, Arizona!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Work at home . . .

It's a work at home, PJ's kind of day. It feels good to be able to work from the home office today and get caught up on a few things. I am going up to Pine Top for a church youth leadership training conference later today and tomorrow. I hear that it is COLD up there so will be packing the warmer clothes . . . actually, that is exciting! It will be fun to get the sweaters out and enjoy a change of weather. I'll be sure to take some pictures of the pine trees, leaves, and other exciting stuff to post when I get back.

Have a wonderful weekend!